Company history

1924 - Company foundation in the Ruhr Area

Heinrich van Megen founds a paint factory in Bochum-Langendreer, which produces industrial coatings for the metalworking industry. The Krupp Group is among the first customers.

1930 - Transfer of the company to Krefeld-Hüls

Despite the global economic crisis, the young company develops so well that the company moves to a larger production facility in Krefeld-Hüls.

1932 - Heinrich van Megen jr., the 2nd. generation

Heinrich van Megen jr.

Heinrich van Megen jr. takes over the company management after the death of his father. Only with the beginning of the 2nd world war the continuous upward trend stagnates.

1945 - Dipl. chemist Karl van Megen

Karl van Megen joins the company in place of his brother who was missing during the war. American occupation soldiers leave the factory damaged by bombs.

1953 - Reconstruction and investments

Reconstruction and the economic miracle require major investments in a new laboratory, raw material storage and modern production machinery.

1964 - Advanced development

A newly developed water-based paint for a leading household appliance manufacturer marks a milestone in the development of environmentally friendly coatings.

1974 - Oil crisis

The oil crisis with exploding raw material costs and supply bottlenecks is successfully mastered. In contrast to the upcoming trend towards mergers, the company remains independent.

1977 - Karl van Megen jr., the 3rd generation

Karl van Megen jr.

Karl van Megen jr. officially joins the company. Before that he had already supported his ill father during his studies for several years.

1981 - Site problems

The company site is in the development plan for a residential development, so that a relocation will be necessary in the coming years. Groundwater contamination has been identified as a consequence of the war.

1984 - Dipl. chemist Dr. Heinrich van Megen

Dr. Heinrich van Megen

Dr. Heinrich van Megen takes over the laboratory management. The old factory is demolished and a new production facility in the same location in an industrial park is established. At this time, waterborne and solvent-based serial coatings for radiators, lawnmowers and bicycles are the main business area.

1994 - Major fire

Only 10 years later the company is completely destroyed by a major fire. The production can be temporarily maintained in a colleague’s company.

1995 - Company relocation to Kempen

A new paint factory with state-of-the-art technology and high safety standards is put into operation in the neighboring town of Kempen. New markets are opened up with the development of car refinish coatings.

1999 - 75th company anniversary

The company celebrates its 75th anniversary. The car refinish coatings with a high export share reach 50% of the production volume.

2008 - Capacity expansion

Despite the approaching economic crisis, the high demand requires an expansion of production capacity.

2018 - Dr. Julian van Megen, the 4th generation

Dr. Julian van Megen

With the business chemist Dr. Julian van Megen, the 4th generation is already active in the management of the company.

2021 - Change of legal form

The company changes its legal form in the course of succession planning. The company, operating since 01.01.2021 as Heinrich van Megen GmbH & Co. KG is represented by the managing directors Dr. Julian van Megen and Karl van Megen.

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